Zachariah & Thomas

text by zachariah amthor • artwork by thomas yang


Flint Water Crisis Rhyme

The Flint Water Crisis is still here
I don't understand why this isn't clear
The crisis still needs attention
So here's something I should mention
Nobody did anything to help this
In fact, they ended up with a swing and a miss
They could've helped and made an impact
They could've been a hero, and that's a fact
But instead they tell everyone everything is ok
When the truth is this crisis is far from ok
Do they even care about how many lives are impacted by this
That all their water is poison and death waiting for a kiss
And yet all this can be fixed by one simple job
And that fixes the pipes that cause the prob
Just think about the lives impacted on a daily basis
How many of you can say to their faces
That it's alright, and the water is fine
When they're water is still the same, and yet they're all in line
In line for cases of water bottles for their families
Trying to help keep alive their children and babies
So I hope now you'll all realize that this is far from done
You can contribute to making a change it just takes one person just one
So help these people as an angel from above
And spread the support, the caring, and the love