Zach & Nalie

text by zach sheely • artwork by nalie xiong


Drip! Drip! Snap! Snap!

Drip. is the sound I hear now coming from the faucet
I use to drink from.
Is the sound I hear from the faucet
I use to take food out the fridge and clean it when
I wanted to eat something.
Is the sound I hear from the faucet
I used to brush my teeth when
I wanted a fresh mouth. 
But oh no I forgot
I have to pull one of those bottles out.
Snap Snap. 
To pop off the cap. 
CRUNCH when I’m all done.
These are the sounds
I hear every day when the water is this way.
Drip, Snap  Snap, CRUNCH!!
Is the sound I hear from the shower head now where
I once use to get clean and feel refreshed but now if
I want to wash my ass I grab a stiff water bottle and pop the cap
As you can see this is my life every day. 
And this life is not comfortable to live in anyway.
And I know Donald Trump getting elected was a scary day.
And I don’t mean any offense when I say what I’m about to say.
Since you’re so worried about making America “great again”.
Hopefully, you notice my struggle friend, and come to
FLINT to make these pipes