Tadaiha & Issy

text by tadaiha nelson • artwork by issy densley


My City

My city
My city is more than what you hear
My city is beautiful in its own ways
What you see on the news may be true
"High levels of lead in children"
"Go get tested for lead"
My city is harmed by a man made creation that could've been prevented.
They switched the water
From Detroit, to the Flint River
Flint river which is known to be dirty, smelly, brown, scary.
They switched the water and it cause the same scene that's in the Flint River came out of our faucets and into our sinks
We became sentenced to drink from a dead river.
In the blink of an eye life as we know it became confusing.
If they waited any longer to say anything it would've a whole population could've been wiped out
My city
My city expects us to pay for water we can't drink.
My city