Shamiya & Cing

text by shamiya chapman • artwork by cing niang


Lula Pearl Atkins-Nelson

Family oriented, mom, aunt, Elds sister
Lover of music, the power of family love was something serious, and cooking the best dinners was her specialties
Who needed clean water to survive, taking her last breaths wondering why she’s leaving so soon
Who gives her blunt and honest comments upon others with having no remorse, helping others without questions being asked, and dying without answers
Who fears the thought of leaving her family behind, 
another victim clueless of dying, and still no justice is done
Who would like to be here still, and hoping she would’ve never encountered with the water
Who will someday be the talk of the town because
her death was a secret for so long due to this issue, 
and will be a push to help save others' lives