Learn more about water, Flint, and how you can be involved in making a difference.



Get Involved! Interested in volunteering to help? Check out FlintFwd.


Catching up on the Flint Water Crisis? This timeline from NPR takes you through the major events.

Flint Stories

A sample of what Spartans are doing to help with the current water situation, along with other long-term involvement

Don’t Forget About Flint

A film by Detroit Free Press journalists Brian Kaufman and Ryan Garza. 

Letters for Flint, MI

Voice your concerns to your state and local representatives through the Letters for Flint initiative from GenerationOn.

Personal Water Footprint

How much water do you use? Explore the Personal Water Footprint calculators and Product Gallery to from

Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

Learn more about local and regional water conservation efforts from the grassroots, nonpartisan, non-profit organization; Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation.

Beyond Flint

Looking at lead in the water across the country by USA Today journalists.