Karisma & Sheylin

text by karisma o'neil • artwork by sheylin diaz


Water Activism Declaration

The way I feel about this issue is sad, disappointed, and miserable. How can the people in charge just sit and watch their once powerful-bright city deteriorate? This isn’t just a place where broken dreams make a home, and this is more than just another run down city. This is a place people call home, a place to be proud of, a place where all the toughest, strongest people are. A place that will always hold a special spot in people’s hearts. 

I’m proud to say I’m from Flint—born and raised. But to let someone ruin it? It’s heartbreaking. What if this happened where you lived? Where you grew up? Where you had all your best memories and where you want to make many more of them?

I hate this. This feeling of emptiness and helplessness. What could I do? I’m just a middle-class teenage girl. How could I help my neighbors? My friends? My family? The only way I can do something is to say something. If I make my voice be heard and if I talk to as many people as i can. Maybe they’ll spread it around and the right people will understand it and will want to do something.