Eric & Monica

text by eric hunter • artwork by monica granado


I Am Flint

I am Flint
I am
The kids of Flint
The happy, joyful
Hard working, open minded
Hard headed, loud mouth
Smart and knowledgeable  
Children of Flint
I am the kids that the people see
Make it or Fail to do anything with themselves  
Do something with their lives or go to jail
Either play sports or rolling dices
Get a job or sell drugs
In School or a gang
In the books or some pants
But now
I am
The Kids after the water crises
Embarrassed of the rashes on our skin
Tired of having to go to other people's houses to take showers
Feel forgotten about
Fed up with the jokes
Exhausted of having to get water bottles
Scared of if we use the water we get lead poisoning
What I am
Trying to say is
We not perfect but
We are going to get worst
If you don’t notice us
And help us get this fixed faster